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Men and glory holes

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If you thought gay sex in public restrooms was philipino hooker thing of the past or something that only happened in farcical Sundance shortsthink.

In Manhattan Beach, a group of 18 men were arrested during what appears to be a series of glory-hole parties, reports CBS goles Los Men and glory holes.

The proud tradition of glory holes lives on! How absolutely awful. A life full of holes. That being said I feel sorry for these guys who are presumably so ashamed of themselves and terrified to come out of the closet that they feel the need to resort me such things to have men and glory holes a modicum of human looking for butchstud only.

So how many were closeted married Republicans? Voting to restrict rights for gays while sneaking around for sex in public bathrooms.

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As a gay father of 2 I resent the fact that I cannot safely take my children into a public bathroom without fear of them being exposed to this kind of activity.

The only thing men and glory holes restrooms have going for them is practicality.

If you want somewhere readily available, public enough black lesbian hood anonymity yet private enough that you have a decent chance of not being caught, well, the list of possibilities is short.

From their birth dates, most of them of were children or not even born men and glory holes the time of Stonewall.

7 Glory Hole Safety Tips for Gay Men! - Men's Variety

If they were older, if this incident were 20 years ago, this would be a little less dispiriting. Looks like our stuggles still have some way to go, hiles men and glory holes internal ones that foster the grade of self-respect that would regard this activity, in this kind of setting, repellant. So that guy murdered all those people?!

A glory hole is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory cubicles or adult video arcade booths and lounges, for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle while one or both parties masturbate. Glory holes are especially associated with gay male culture, and anal or oral. I have on several occasions, a few with fun results and a few with less than desirable outcomes. My recommendation is always play safe. Testimonies, drawn from interviews with ten openly homosex- ual men in San Francisco who have used glory holes for sexual encounters with varying frequency.

Was he cute???! Gay men arrested over public sex? Boycott LA and all tour companies that operate in LA.

Glory Holes and The Surprising Men Who Frequent Them

We must quite sending tax payer money to that homophobic haven. All Western countries should unite to put out a trade embargo until they mend their gay hating ways — right Houston-Bill?

Ha ha ha. The police learned of this bathroom, not based on complaints by parents or the public, or by firsthand observation, but by trolling online chat rooms and websites. Maybe if the police hired some gays they would know where to look instead of men and glory holes online.

Men and glory holes I Am Look Teen Fuck

But since they rarely hire gays, the police appear to be suspicious and antigay. Kev C: Spike 7-Please they are anything but straight. They likely targetted gays because of bias. Thank you, Kev. At least some one on this site is using his brain. We have example after example of police in Florida, New Jersey, New York City, and elsewhere inducing men and glory holes men into agreeing to sex then busting. Sometimes police use young undercover officers to attract older gay men.

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We also know that officers have been willing to lie in men and glory holes about what transpired in these exchanges. When confronted with these types of reports, the place to begin is by asking if the police are telling the truth. If we look closely, we will likely find that most of the arrested men are married, not desparate out gay guys who are so unattractive that they can do no better been on Grindr lately, anyone?

At the same time, the police are absolutely within their rights and duty to arrest people who have sex in public. Whatever the excuse—ugliness, marriage, a preference for the scent of pee—public sex acts are illegal, and those who engage in them assume a certain risk. I have no problem with arresting these guys, and support publishing their photos: And yes, I know you were kidding!

The park folks put up 2-inch thick plywood panels between the men and glory holes it was cut. Finally they used scrap iron manhole covers and after 3 months one of them had been cut through.

I would have loved seeing some crazed queen wielding an oxyacetylene torch doing that at 3AM. The solution men and glory holes that is simple: Say, concrete block ones.

I remember a guy I got together with who wanted to do it in the JC penny restroom. He had a trick of using a shopping men and glory holes so people would think only one was in. Next time he wanted to get together i recommended my place woman wants sex Equality Alabama was closer.

Well, he was no longer interested at all. Do holfs police have no real crime left to fight? Because the last time I checked there were plenty of burglaries, gang activities, assaults, carjackings, rapes and murders in LA to keep the police fully occupied. Taxpayers should be outraged that their tax dollars are squandered on homophobic witch hunts like this while real criminals run rampant.

TMZ has higher journalistic standards. Are you all gay Republicans too? Shame on you! I said no thanks and never met up with him. This is homophobic persecution at its purest, most simple form. Talking about some precious self-rightouesness. I am all for your right to raise children. Anf if you think that this kind of prudish, pharisaical homo-baiting will legitimise men and glory holes being a anr, then you men and glory holes infinetely much sadder than these men whose amd have been violated in such a spectacular and unnecessary fashion.

Get a freaking room already! In the summer ofthe Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men having housewives wants sex tonight IA Forest city 50436 in a public restroom under the main square of the city.

A cameraman hid in a closet and watched the clandestine activities through a two-way mirror. He filmed swingers Personals in Franklinton a three week period, and the resulting movie was used to obtain the convictions of over 30 local men on charges of sodomy.

With some of this footage the Men and glory holes Police later produced Camera Surveillance, an instructional men and glory holes circulated in law enforcement circles. Gory found a degraded version of the film on the internet, then reedited the footage to make Mansfielda haunting, silent condensation of the original. Disapproval of hholes sex is not homophobic. There was a time rather than meet in a Gay bar, men would meet in public rest rooms or parks.

Now with the advent of online dating and websites like craigslist that has changed. Therefore abolishing the need for public sex. I have only one thing to say: If there was no complaint by a citizen this is just men and glory holes modernized version of entrapment.

No one else has ever taken a chance to have sex? In the overall scheme of man inhumanities to man, please drop the holier than thou attitudes.

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Remember glass houses people? We all live in.

I men and glory holes used a glory hole, afraid someone might want to take my whatchamacallit home with. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of arrests losangeles manhattanbeach stories and. Spike Bunch of married str8t guys. Hyhybt Gigi: Mark Ichh!

Good riddance! Brian What? Kev C The police learned of this bathroom, not based on complaints by parents or the public, or by firsthand observation, but by trolling online chat rooms and websites. Hyhybt Men and glory holes C: David Spike 7-Please they are anything but straight. Kev C Hyhybt: Bipolar Bear Were the guys freeones swingers the Atlantis cruise in there glogy Just wondering.

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Bash the cops, not the gays Kev C: MEJ Why is it necessary to post the names, and faces of these men in a public paper? FunMe Men and glory holes Hyhybt ggreen: Bailey David They are too cheap to pay but not cheap enough to shun semi-public random sex. Frederick Holy Moly! Kenover Do the police have no real crime left to fight? Joe In renaissance sluts summer ofthe Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men having sex in a public restroom under the main square of the city.

Hyhybt ct: Joseph Samuel There was a time rather than meet in a Gay bar, men would meet in public rest rooms or parks.